How to deploy KUBO on vSphere


Thanks to Amanda Avarez for helping me writing this blog post

Table of contents

  1. Deploy Jumpbox
  2. Deploy Bosh Director
  3. Deploy Kubo

Our deployment uses the following configuration settings.

1. Deploy Jumpbox

Clone the repo

Create ops file

Create secrets file

Create jumpbox

Create ssh key for jumpbox

IP Forwarding for the Jumpbox

Let’s say that the jumpbox is going to have the following condition

  • eth0: Private Network connect to our local network

  • eth1: Public Network connect to the internet We want to access the public network through private network with the following steps

2. Deploy Bosh Director

Git clone kubo-deployment

Generate kubo-deployment env

Modify the secrets in kube env

Set jumpbox as Bosh Proxy and deploy bosh director. Access Director thru jumpbox (instead of being on the jumpbox)

The deployment may fail at last step due to unable to download bosh-dns-release?v=0.0.11. To fix this, download and upload the release manually:

When finish, try

3. Deploy Kubo

Download and upload releases

Deploy Kubo