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2 Heads Are Better Than 1: Pair Programming at the #EMCDojo Pairing at the EMC Dojo, Brian Roche Sr Director of Engineering

Pairing at the EMC Dojo, Brian Roche Sr Director of Engineering

Brian Roche

Brian Roche - Senior Director, Cloud Platform Team at Dell EMC. Brian Roche is the Leader of Dell EMC’s Cloud Platform Team. He is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA at the #EMCDojo.

I work on a team where we practice ‘pairing’ and pair programming every day.  Before joining this team I had only a passing experience with pair programming. And now, after many months of pairing, I have a much better understanding of why we pair.

Pair Programming Explained
Pair programming is a technique in which 2 programmers work as a pair at one workstation.  One, the driver writes code and focuses on the tactical aspects of syntax and task completion.  Two, the observer considers the strategic direction of the code they’re writing together.  In our case, each developer has their own monitor, keyboard and mouse but is connected to one IDE.  The two programmers switch roles often.


Digital Transformation – Learn by doing Brian Gallagher, President EMC Cloud Foundry Dojo

Brian Gallagher, President EMC Cloud Foundry Dojo

Last week we held the official opening of the EMC Cloud Foundry Dojo in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The term ‘dojo’ is a Japanese word that translates to ‘the place of the way’. In our dojo, software developers learn and contribute to Cloud Foundry, the leading open source platform for Cloud Native Applications. Dojo 1The Cambridge dojo is also co-located with Pivotal Labs to help customers develop these applications via modern software practices. The pairing of cloud software and cloud platforms are key ingredients in leading businesses through their digital transformation journey.

Why is the dojo opening a significant milestone for EMC? First, it underscores EMC’s commitment to open source software. Open source is a key purchasing criteria for 3rd platform applications and infrastructure. During the second half of 2015, EMC emerged from a non-participating company to one of the top contributors to the Cloud Foundry open source. EMC is helping to enhance the governance, risk, and compliance requirements of Cloud Foundry for enterprise businesses.

Second, it demonstrates EMC’s ability to transform itself via a DevOps model. Cloud Foundry’s methodology is a combination of the ‘best-of-the-best’ modern software development practices including Agile, Lean, Extreme Programming, and CI/CD. All contributors to the open source community follow this ‘way’ of development everyday.