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Spreading The Way Announcing the Dojo in Bangalore!

Announcing the Dojo in Bangalore!

Emily Kaiser

Emily Kaiser

Head of Marketing @DellEMCDojo #CloudFoundry #OpenSource #TheWay #LeanPractices #DevOps #Empathy

It is with unbelievable excitement that we are officially announcing the opening of our third global branch with a Dell EMC Dojo in Bangalore! By sharing our DevOps and Xtreme programming culture, including but not exclusive to the practices of pair programming, test driven development and lean product development at scale, we have the deepest confidence that Bangalore is the geographical mecca that sets the tone of Digital Transformation we hope for in the larger company.

So what does this mean beyond the logistical rollercoaster that comes with opening a new office? Well, I’m glad you asked!

We are Hiring! Over the next few weeks, we will be rapidly and qualitatively (only because how else would we operate?) looking for and interviewing developers and product managers interested in becoming a part of this exciting new Dojo from its inception. So, if you know of anyone in the area that may be interested, please point them in the direction of Sarv Saravanan ( who will be handling the process on the ground.


Otherwise, stay tuned on our team’s impending growth, engagement (both here and in India), and overall adventure!

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2 Heads Are Better Than 1: Pair Programming at the #EMCDojo Pairing at the EMC Dojo, Brian Roche Sr Director of Engineering

Pairing at the EMC Dojo, Brian Roche Sr Director of Engineering

Brian Roche

Brian Roche - Senior Director, Cloud Platform Team at Dell EMC. Brian Roche is the Leader of Dell EMC’s Cloud Platform Team. He is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA at the #EMCDojo.

I work on a team where we practice ‘pairing’ and pair programming every day.  Before joining this team I had only a passing experience with pair programming. And now, after many months of pairing, I have a much better understanding of why we pair.

Pair Programming Explained
Pair programming is a technique in which 2 programmers work as a pair at one workstation.  One, the driver writes code and focuses on the tactical aspects of syntax and task completion.  Two, the observer considers the strategic direction of the code they’re writing together.  In our case, each developer has their own monitor, keyboard and mouse but is connected to one IDE.  The two programmers switch roles often.