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Continuous integration at the #EMCDojo CI at the EMC Dojo, Brian Roche Sr Director of Engineering

CI at the EMC Dojo, Brian Roche Sr Director of Engineering

Brian Roche

Brian Roche - Senior Director, Cloud Platform Team at Dell EMC. Brian Roche is the Leader of Dell EMC’s Cloud Platform Team. He is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA at the #EMCDojo.

If you have worked on a project for the last 10 years and you have a nicely written (and probably bound) Product Requirements Document, then you’re probably working on a Waterfall project.  If you’re too busy to even ponder the first sentence because you’re overly concerned with the ’testing phase’ of the project that’s coming in a few months, then you’re definitely on a Waterfall project.

The truth is most of the IT projects in-flight today use the Waterfall methodology of Plan, Do, Check, Release.  These projects measure release cycles in months and sometimes years – not in minutes or seconds like most agile projects.  For them, releasing software is a BIG DEAL.  After all, they’ve been working on this software for 12-18 months.  These teams don’t practice the art of releasing software very often.  So what happens when we don’t build the muscle memory to do something?  We’re not very good at it. Most Waterfall teams are not very good at releasing software to their customers.  Subsequently, the product they produce reflects the fact they’re out of shape when it comes to creating installers, packages and the release process in general.